It was 2003 when Godfrey Kyazze, the founding CEO had just completed his undergraduate program in education that the Lord gave him the vision for an education center whose outlook would be Christian in all its details. At that time it was not even clear in his mind what exactly it would look like. However, over the years, through God’s sovereign grace he has seen the vision grow to such a degree that right now it is looked at as national and possibly a global vision to transform nations for God’s glory through the mountain of Education. God has used a number of experiences to help draw out this vision and to make it clear in Godfrey’s heart. This has come through trainings, workshops, seminars, dreams, visions, prophecies and many other ways. Godfrey says that ever since he received the vision, his responsibility has been more to write it down, making it plain on tablets and sharing it wherever and with as many people as possible. Through this though, the Lord has brought tremendous people for partnership and from whom he has learned a lot.

As a burden on Godfrey’s heart, it was laid on him in 2003 when he had just completed his undergraduate program. The Lord used the experience he went through to ask many questions in his heart. When he completed his education, he had to look for jobs both in teaching and non-teaching, but he could not find one. It was not until after one year of job hunting that he decided to look for a place where he could do voluntary work. Through his time of volunteering he started reflecting back on the kind of education which he had received. He was bothered with the fact that many young people like him go through education and at the end of it they fail to get jobs! It was ironic in his mind, that someone is supposedly trained or equipped or empowered, which education ought to do, and at the end they fail to do the job or to find something to do. He realized that there must be a problem with what we call education in our system. The Bible says that we should not be mere hearers, but doers of what we hear. For him this meant that if he had “heard” an education and he failed to do something in relation to what he had “heard”, then it is possible that he did not hear anything or misheard, or what he heard was not relevant. With such glaring statistics of unemployment in the country, visa vie the number of graduates, he felt such a strong impression on his heart that there was need to rethink the system of education. Lo and behold, one of the trainings the Lord brought his way along the path was one in Biblical Christian Worldview and the emphasis was made on the influence a comprehensive Biblical view to life could do in transforming a society. It was here that he resolved, that if he is ever to do anything in life, including educational, it should be to educate people in all aspects of life from a Biblical point of view. He took time to do a little bit of a survey on civilizations that have been in the world, and it was clear that wherever a Biblical approach to all life has been embraced, such societies are transformed.

Elsewhere in the world, there is a clear distinction and an understanding of Christian Education, but not in Africa. Even, in cases where Africans have adopted a Christian education model, they still use American or British curricula. As a result, such institutions are classified as International schools and are not clearly recognized by the local system of government, hence making it very expensive and for only the minority who can afford it. Education is discipleship. It is the tool God uses to transform people’s minds so they can think after His thoughts in all aspects of life. So the challenge the Lord put on Godfrey’s heart was that if true Christian education in this case the ‘gospel’ is this costly, how then shall they be saved when they have not heard? It is hear that he realized that, just as there are private, Christian, local curricula in the USA, UK and elsewhere, we can have the same in Africa and developed in our local contexts so that our own people could also be reached with the ‘gospel’ in all aspects of life. It is here that the Lord gave him this vision of an alternative, private, Christian education system in the Africa. According to Godfrey, Africa has never had a comprehensive curriculum which cuts across main stream subjects of the academia and written in the African context and developed from a Biblical worldview. This is what the Lord put on his heart to develop. A complete system of education where all aspects, including, but not limited to philosophy, curriculum, assessment, quality assurance, etc are developed from a Biblical perspective. It is this that led to the birth of Master’s Institute for Education (MIE), as a company limited by guarantee in 2013 to advance this vision. As a company therefore, Godfrey now serves as the CEO, surrounded by a team of directors and trustees.