Master's Institute for Education is registered as a company limited by guarantee in Uganda. We intend, besides the college, which we desire that it grows to a level of a University and students should be paying tuition, we also intend to produce such products as curriculum and other educational resource materials, offer consultancies on Curriculum design and Education in general from a Biblically based approach, and other educational services which should help us to have the ministry self-sustainable.

However, to carry out all of this, there is need to make a significant amount of capital investment at this foundational stage. It is here that we thank God for the 13 acre piece of land so far acquired. And now we are believing God through His immeasurable ways, to provide us resources to move to the next level.

We encourage you to pray and consider how possibly you could join us and be part of what God is doing on our continent of Africa.  it is for lack of knowledge that God's people are perishing this part of the world (Hosea 4:6). It is definitely through the spread of knowledge, just as the waters cover the sea in Africa; and not any other knowledge, but knowledge of the TRUTH; such Truth as that which comes only as a result of one's abode in God's word (John 8:31-32), that the continent will be delivered from all its shackles of bondage. 

So far one can give towards the following items and more:-

  • A ten million dollar campus construction project on our 13 acre piece of land
  • Salaries towards staff
  • A ministry van which is very much needed currently given our increased amount of outreaches
  • Administrative costs 

A detailed budget can be sent to you on request.


To donate to MIE/HUG, you can write a check to:

Master's Institute for Education
Barclays Bank Uganda Ltd, Ntinda Branch
A/c No. 6004761136


In the US, you can write your check to

Home School Foundation,

P.O. Box 1152,

Purcellville, VA 20134.

and make a memo that your donation is towards Master's Institute for education. We shall get it.


Go to, designate your donation for MIE, and it will come to us.